Friday, February 3, 2017

Five Things Friday

Friday is here! Here's five things from me today.

one. Monday was the 100th Day of School! The first graders wear a shirt with 100 things on it and have a fashion show. Such a fun idea! He even had to fill out a card that they would read as he walked down the runway detailing his shirt and why he chose his 100 things.

Things don't always turn out as planned. Cooper and I came up with the idea to use 100 monopoly bills. I was so proud of Cooper, he helped every step of the way. He cut out every single bill on this shirt. I was so impressed with his cutting skills. He is an attention to detail boy like his momma!

By the time the bills were secured on the shirt, it was so stiff it looked like he was wearing a suit of armor. We all got a good laugh! I knew that it would not be comfortable to wear at school all day. So, I loaded up the boys at 4:40 pm on a Sunday afternoon (thankfully there was a craft store still open) and we headed out to find a Plan B. We went with a Googly Eye Monster. He loved how it turned out. Success in the end. The first shirt may still be salvageable as a Halloween costume, I'm going to see what I can come up with!

two. I have an my 28 week appointment today. I get to see the baby again via ultrasound! While I'm so excited, I'm praying everything looks good. There were two pictures they could not get at my 20 week appointment, due to the baby's position. Yay for me that he didn't cooperate! It will be nice to get a second confirmation that he really is a "he" before I begin all the preparations for his room, and we finalize a name.

Today is also the dreaded glucose screening. I have failed the one hour glucose test with every single baby. I don't have high hopes for passing today, but there is a first time for everything.

three. MOPS. I love my MOPS group. Better moms make a better world. Yesterday our meeting was all about "I Love My Man." Our speaker Elizabeth Winn shared such good information and encouraged us to be better wives. She challenged us with this question, "Does your husband walk around thinking that you think he hung the moon?" He should. I left energized to love my man better.

four. It's feeling like spring around here. The addition of my new front door wreath, this new Spring Garden hand soap with Olive Oil (it smells awesome) from Bath and Body Works, and my guys coming home from the grocery store with these beautiful pink tulips the other night (I'm one lucky lady), I'm ready for all things spring.  I know there are 44 days left until the official start, but I'm ready!

five. Valentine's Day fun coming to the blog next week. Check back in for a few ideas on making Valentine's Day special.

Have a great Friday and weekend!


  1. Oh how I love tulips ! And such a pretty wreath on the door ! Did you make that wreath ??? It's beautiful ~

  2. Tulips are the best! Thank you! Yes, I did make the wreath. It only took 20 minutes and cost less than $13! I did a post all about it on Monday if you would like to check it out.

  3. Love the shirts! Such cute ideas! Hope the test went well and that you're having a terrific weekend!