Saturday, December 12, 2020

My thoughts on baby #6...It's a GIRL!"

I have always wanted to have a daughter, and finding out that was going to happen after 13+ years of motherhood, has definitely been a highlight and bright spot this year, after 2020 being the year of challenges, let downs, and cancellations. We found out in July that baby #6 was a girl and I told Chris that was probably the most exciting conversation I have ever had with someone I didn't know. When the nurse asked if I had any inkling what this baby might be I said, "Well, I have five boys..." 

She then jumped in before I could say anything else and exclaimed in complete amazement, "You have FIVE BOYS?!?" 

I said, "So, is it a boy?" My heart pounding as I waited to hear.

She repeated again as if to try to make sure she had heard me correctly, "YOU HAVE FIVE BOYS?!?" 

I said with eager anticipation and excitement, "It's another boy isn't it?" Curious if my boy mom status I had held for over thirteen years was still intact. 

She then said, "Your five boys are going to have a little SISTER!" I heard the words, but couldn't comprehend. I was stunned. I said, "Really!?!" in amazement not thinking that was even possible.

We both started to cheer and then I asked her what any mom with all one gender would ask, "Can you tell me that one more time?" She laughed and told me that we were indeed going to have a baby girl!

Growing up I was surrounded by boys (I have two younger brothers, I was the only girl trombone player in band, and teachers often sat me with the wild and rambunctious boys to help neutralize the situation 😂), boys are what I knew. So, as a young girl, when friends and I would imagine what our future families might look like I would always respond, "I want all boys and 1 girl (not knowing how many boys that would be 😂)." Fast forward many, many years later, to have the Lord answer my hearts desire to have a daughter, I'm filled with awe, gratitude, wonder, and excitement. Over the years, I began to think that one desire would go unmet. I love all my boys, and the special calling the Lord gave me of being a boy mom these last almost 14 years. But, I often wondered why I couldn't also get to experience having a daughter. Some thoughts that went through my head....Did the Lord think I wouldn't be a good mom to a girl? Maybe it was just my calling to raise a few good, godly men. After 5 sweet boys we thought our days of expanding our family were complete. I am honored and blessed to be the mom to five handsome boys.

To be given such a gift, at 40 years old nonetheless, when I wasn't even sure another baby would be possible, is a huge blessing from the Lord. When I sit in awe and wonder of this sweet blessing, I can't help but be reminded God knew this plan for our family all along; that this sweet girl, would be the youngest of six, with five older brothers. He knows everything about her, things that we do not yet know; what she looks like, her personality, her gifts and talents, how she will handle all these brothers 😂,  her future occupation, and the list goes on and on. The one thing I do know is He has a great plan and purpose for her life and I'm thankful that plan includes her being in our family. Now, I'm praying and trusting God will equip me with what I need to be a good mom to a girl.

👉🏻Something to encourage your heart and mine today. When you think the story is already written, or a door has been closed, or you are in a season of waiting; know God is the One who knows the plan and purpose for  your life.  Trust Him and His timing. He has a good and perfect plan and purpose for you.