Monday, October 31, 2016

Rubik's Cube Halloween Costume Tutorial

It's Halloween, a day that many kids will find themselves in a sugar coma by days end. Bless all the amazing teachers out there that will be dealing with all the excited, hyped up kids today, and for dealing with the fall out tomorrow! I must say, I enjoyed Halloween falling on a Saturday last year. Here are some funny memes to kick off your Halloween morning!

I have made a couple costumes in the past for my littles. There was Bob the Tomato when Max was two (and Cooper and Jack have worn it as well), and the fun Dinosaur when Max was 4! But I've had a couple year hiatus from the costume making fun. 

AHHH! I miss these little guys!

This year, Max and I were brainstorming a costume for him, and let's just say the easy days of 100+ choices and changing your mind every other second are gone (insert sad face). It definitely gets harder to find an age appropriate costume that a 4th grade boy would be proud of. So, one day in the car pick up line I did just that, I searched for cool costumes for 10 year old boys! BAM, there it was....a rubik's cube. Max and several of his classmates are really into rubiks cubes right now...they are all the rage again. I presented the idea to Max when he jumped in the car and he was on board. So, I got to work.

This costume was so easy to make (and very easy on my wallet), but I will say, it was time consuming...taking me a little over 3 hours to complete.

Here's what you will need...

  • -1- 18 inch by 18 inch box (mine was 18"x24" and I cut the box to be a square).
  • -1 can of black spray paint
  • -box cutters (or something sharp to cut neck and arm holes with)
  • -3 sheets of card stock in each of five rubik's cube colors (we went with white, red, blue, yellow, and red).
  • -ruler
  • -scissors or paper cutter
  • -hot glue gun

1. Prep your box (cut into cube). Cut the neck hole, find a circle to trace (I used a mixing bowl)! Cut the arm holes out (find a smaller circle to trace...I used a round vase base). This was harder than the neck hole because it's not on the edge. I placed a scrap of card board under the are I was cutting so it would not cut through to the other side of the box. Spray paint box.

2. While I was waiting for the box to completely dry, I headed inside to cut my rubiks cube squares.

I made my squares 5 1/2" x 5 1/2".

3. Lay your squares out leaving a thin black border the squares. Once you have the squares how you like, begin hot gluing the back and securing them to the box (you have to be fast one you get the glue on the card stock, it dries fast). 

You can make your rubik's cube have random colors (a work in progress) or the same colors on one side. I left this decision up to Max, and he wanted his cube complete! 

Continue glueing all the squares on each side. I left the top for last (it was the hardest with the big neck hole). The easiest way I found was to lay out the squares and then use painters tape to tape the squares near the neck hole down, flip the box over and trace the neck hole on top of the bottom of the squares. When you then flip the box over and remove the squares you can easily cut the the exact circular pattern off the square! I wish I had taken a picture during this step! 

Ta Da! It's complete!

I worked on and finished this costume while Max was at school. So, I nervously waited to pick him up hoping he would be please with how it turned out! Luckily, he was! Here he is trying it on to make sure it fits!

It made its debut at our schools Haunt the Halls later that night (talk about procrastination ;-)...but it was a few weeks before Halloween so I felt like I was on top of things!

Did you make your child's Halloween costume? I would love to hear what you made, leave me a comment below! I hope everyone has a safe and candy coma free Halloween! 

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