Friday, January 27, 2017

Five Things Friday

YAY! It's Friday! It's been a while since I have done a Five Things Friday post, it's good to be back!

one. I worked hard last year to stay up to date in documenting our family. You may remember this post, where I talked about the system I use to preserve my family's memories. Well, on Tuesday the book arrived. I have never had the book in hand this fast after the year is over (I'm telling you this system works)! Normally, I'm a few years behind (which is okay too). Be looking for a new post next week all about getting your pages ready to print!

two. The Crown. Chris and I found a new show on Netflix a few weeks ago. It only took one episode for us to be hooked. The Royal Family intrigues me. The Crown is all about Queen Elizabeth II. We got through the first 10 episodes in a couple weeks (each season will showcase a decade in her life). Now we have to wait until November for Season 2 to come out! If you have Netflix check it out, it's so good.

three. I'm 27 weeks along (I'll be 28 weeks on Sunday) with baby #5.
The next 3 months are going to fly by, and baby boy will be here before I know it. That means I need to get to work! I made Jack and Judson a baby quilt before they were born (poor Max and Cooper, I haven't forgot about them...I will make them something too). I have been surprised how much each of them love their quilt and carry it all over the house (then want it back with them in bed at night). It's one thing I want to have done for this baby too. I'll post more about this fun project.

How cute is that fox?!

four. Discerning the Voice of God Bible study by Priscilla Shirer. I'm facilitating this Bible study on Wednesday nights at our church. I have loved each and every week. We are in Week 3 of 7, and each week I have gained new insights from scripture. In our DVD session this week, I love how Priscilla hit on why we don't always get the whole picture, ahead of time, of God's plan for us. If He hasn't given you the information, it's because you don't need it right now. Instead, we should take what He has given us, and be obedient. Amen! I highly recommend this study and her Armor of God study, they are two of my favorites!

five. I love this company, Boy Mom. Now, don't worry, they have Girl Mom shirts too (and Grand Boy Mom, etc)! Shortly after I found out that I would be forever a boy mom I got this new pullover. It was 70% off and they gave me a free boy mom license plate cover with my purchase. Who doesn't love a free gift with purchase?  I still need to get this installed on my van #proudboymom. I wore this pullover yesterday and I LOVE it. If you want to show your Boy Mom or Girl Mom pride, head on over and use the code HEART70 for 70% off your purchase!

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