Wednesday, February 7, 2018

She Reads Truth. See the Lord's Salvation. A Lenten Study of Exodus

 I wanted to pop in and share with you guys a new study that I will be starting on Monday, February 12. It's put out by She Reads Truth, called See the Lord's Salvation. A Lenten Study of Exodus. This will be my first She Reads Truth study, I'm excited to dive in. The cool thing I discovered is there is an entire She Reads Truth community. You can do the entire study on your own, or jump in the conversation online or in the app. You do not have to purchase the beautiful book to join in, you can find each day's reading published online and in the app.

There is also a He Reads Truth and Kids Read Truth line so the entire family can study God's Word and go through the same book of the Bible together. I purchased all three resources, and I am excited to try a new way of studying God's Word, together as a family. I think the fact we are all studying the same passages each day will enrich our family and bring a special time of growing together in God's Word. I'm excited to see how this unfolds over the next seven weeks.

Here is a little peek into the She Reads Truth book. I love how beautiful this book is! The main focus of the book is scripture. It contains all the scripture reading for the entire study, and a place to journal and reflect at the end of each day. There is bonus material that includes recipes, Easter hymns, a DIY project tutorial, charts, maps, diagrams, and beautiful scripture cards to remove from the back of the book.

I love that this study will take me all the way up to Easter morning (April 1). This will be a great way to prepare my heart, the seven weeks leading up to Easter. This study is broken down into three parts. The first following the Israelites' road out of captivity. In the second section, we will study the second half of Exodus and discover what it means to worship a holy God. The third part of this study traces Holy Week from Palm Sunday through Jesus' resurrection.

The Kids Read Truth comes in the form of beautiful story cards, that when put together tell the entire story of Exodus and make a beautiful mural. The back of each card contains a title, a scripture, suggested extended Scripture reading, and a set of three questions to go along with that days content. I love how this engages kids of all ages to get involved learning God's Word.
I love that the mission of She Reads/He Reads Truth is to be Men and Women in the Word of God everyday. I will be popping back in to let you know what I think as we jump in and study God's Word as a family. There are a wide variety of studies available, check them out here.

Who will join me? You will find the daily reading posted here, or you can purchase the resources in The She Reads Truth online shop. I found a 15% off promo code (SRTFIRST) that was good on a first order from She Reads Truth.

Have you ever done a She Reads Truth study? If so which one, and what did you think?

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