Thursday, October 1, 2020

Pregnancy Fitness

 Today, I'm 24 weeks with baby #6!

Let's talk fitness during pregnancy. Did you know that researchers at Duke did a study and found that pregnant women reach the same peak levels of endurance as those competing in Ironman--so the physical intensity of pregnancy is like running a 40-week marathon? WOW...and that's without even getting up from the couch!

I've stayed active my entire pregnancy and it's made a huge difference, in my physical and emotional health. **Also, before we go any further, please talk with your doctor to make sure it is safe and you are cleared to workout during pregnancy. Most of the time if you aren't experiencing any complications and are not high risk they will clear you to keep doing what you were doing pre-pregnancy.

I've been doing 3-5 days of group training at my gym and running. I'll be honest, as a runner who hit a PR last year, it was discouraging to see my times begin to increase and workouts begin to get hard. But, I kept showing up. And do you know what? It didn't take long for the disappointment to wear off, and for my mindset to shift to feeling success in the fact that I showed up, got it done, and didn't give up. It's paying off. I've not had any round ligament pain this pregnancy, or any aches and pains! And I'm 40 years old! I would say the only thing I've done differently this pregnancy is consistent weight training. I can't recommend it enough.

Tips for Pregnant Mommas

1. Find an activity that you enjoy, it will help you stay motivated. And don't judge your workout based on time or amount of weight you can lift, etc. This also isn't the time to be setting out to smash any personal records or hard to reach goals. I find it's better to be cautious than overzealous.

2. Listen to your body. Know when to slow down or take a break. Some days you just don't feel like working out, and that's okay.

3. Don't give up (unless you are told to suspend exercise by a healthcare professional). The benefits are so good for you and baby.

4. Drink lots of water! It's important to stay hydrated. Don't walk out the door without it!

5. Be proud of yourself for any amount of activity you accomplish. You are after all, already running a 40-week marathon!

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