Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hand Stirred Milkshakes

A favorite sweet treat at our house is a hand stirred milkshake. We have been making these simple and easy shakes for years! The beauty of these milkshakes is you can make them to each persons preference. You only need two ingredients, ice cream and milk!  If you want to jazz it up a bit, you can add additional toppings. No fancy kitchen gadgets are needed, just a trusty spoon and some good ole muscle action, hand churning the ice-cream. In no time flat you will have a creamy shake! 

One afternoon, I surprised my boys with a more involved hand stirred milkshake. They were in milkshake dream land after this dressed up version! I even found heart shaped giant marshmallows to make it a little extra special.

Ice Cream (any flavor)

Optional Ingredients:
Marshmallow Fluff
Whip Cream
Mini Donuts
Crushed Cookies


Place desired amount of ice-cream in a glass or mason jar.

Pour milk in glass (you can decide how thick or thin you want the consistency). The more milk you pour into the glass, the thinner the shake will be. Keep this in mind if you would like to use a spoon, you don't want it too thin.
Start stirring, immediately (if you wait too long to start stirring small ice cream balls form in the shake. We don't like those, so I pour and immediately start stirring)!

If you aren't adding any additional toppings you are done! Enjoy!

If you would like the marshmallow fluff on the rim of your milkshake glass. Take marshmallow fluff and place in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 15-30 seconds. Continue to heat in short increments until the fluff is a melted.
Dip jar in warm, gooey fluff and add desired sprinkles while its still warm. As soon as the fluff is cooled, sprinkles will no longer stick.
Pour your milkshake into the marshmallow dipped jar and add any additional toppings (whip cream, mini donut, marshmallows, cookie dough, etc). The sky really is the limit! Have fun coming up with new versions and flavors of milkshakes.  For an added element take suggestion on what each milkshakes should be named, and vote to get the winning name. This one ended up with the name Unicorn Shake.

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