Monday, September 9, 2019

39 Things I've Learned About Myself

Yesterday, I turned 39! I thought it would be fun to share 39 things I have learned about myself over the years!

1. I'm an early riser.

2. I prefer the beach to the mountains (but I love the mountains too)!

3. I love having a big family.

4. I'm very goal oriented. I love to set a goal, plan how I'm going to reach it, and go after it!

5. I'm not a naturally organized person, but once I get a system or plan in place for a certain area, I can stay organized.

6. I work well under pressure.

7. Chris is my favorite person, and I love spending time with him.

8. I love to laugh. I love to be around people who make me laugh.

9. When I feel stressed, I like quiet.

10. Reading God's Word not only draws me closer to Him, but takes the focus off me and places it on Him, lessening anxiety and worry in my life.

11. I feel the best when I eat clean.

12. If I could go back and pick a college major today, I would pick something completely different.

13. My life as mom, has brought me more joy than I ever knew was possible. It's a hard job, but also rewarding.

14. I have more time than I think I do, I've been finding this by staying off my phone.

15. Being creative brings me joy.

16. I love to read, but would pick doing something with my hands/being creative to fill my free time nine times out of ten.

17. I like to mow the grass. Random. I don't mind it at all. Maybe it's the instant gratification of the nice neat rows of a manicured lawn as you go up and down each row. Now that I have boys that are old enough to help with this chore, I make sure I allow them enough mowing time 😂.

18. Chipolte is one of my favorite places to eat.

19. I love a classic, tailored style of clothing.

20. I love to learn new things.

21. I love to run. I found this completely on my own. I would take off from my house with my walkman back in junior high and high school. I never come home from a run disappointed that I went. I love to run long distances. Short races don't do it for me, half marathon (13.1 miles) is where it's at (about to run my 12th in October). I would love to run at least one full marathon, maybe before I turn 40!

22. When something is bothering me, I tend to hold it in. Chris has to often pull it out of me.

23. My favorite quick snack is hummus. Thankfully, two of my boys love it too!

24. I love all the seasons. There is something amazing about experiencing 4 seasons. You never get tired of any one season.

25. Jesus has to be the one I turn to.

26. I'm destined to be surrounded by boys. I have two brothers (who are both great by the way), and always wanted a sister. I now have five boys! We got a puppy last Christmas, and I was sure we would pick a girl dog, but picked a male goldendoodle puppy. See always surround by boys 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙!

27. I don't like change. The older I get, the more I see that change is hard for me.

28. I love Hallmark movies ❤️.

29. I would pick a pedicure over a manicure any day. They last longer.

30. I don't like waste. If the boys get an apple out to eat, I hate finding an apple with one bite out of it.

31. I'm old school in many ways. I still love to write with pen and paper. I have a paper planner. In a day and age where most people text. I still enjoy a good phone call with a friend, especially if we need to catch up on life.

32. I love photography.

33. I don't like conflict. I avoid it at all cost.

34. I prefer deep cleaning to surface cleaning (weird, I know).

35. I enjoy a good game of badminton or whiffle ball in the backyard.

36. I love a good deal!

37. I run on spark water! I haven't had soda pop in almost 2 years!

38. I don't like my calendar to be jam packed with activity. I like to have margin built in. I love nights at home. A slow weekend is my favorite!

39.  Growing old hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. 10 years ago, I thought I was the perfect age, 29. Old enough people start to take you seriously, but still young. I'm 39 and I don't feel a day older than I did back then. The difference however comes that I feel more comfortable in my skin. I'm not as worried about what other people think of me. I want to look at each new year as a blessing!

I'm praying year 39 will be as great as the last 38. Here's to another great year of growth, happiness, and growing closer to Christ as I serve Him.

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