Thursday, February 13, 2020

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

One of my favorite childhood memories involved the Valentine's Day scavenger hunt that my mom would create for my brothers and I each year. She would create clues and my brothers and I would work together to figure out where the clue was taking us and at the end was always a fun surprise. What a fun way to make Valentine's Day special. I love that this activity encourages siblings to work together to read and figure out each clue, it is a fun way to promote team work and strengthen sibling bonds. Fun memories are sure to be made that will stand the test of time. 

This activity is quick and easy to put together. You just need a little prep work, paper or note cards to write the clues on, and a writing utensil! To make it easy, I sit down with a notebook and plan out the places I want to send the boys for each clue. After listing out fun locations in and around the house, I decide the order of the clue locations to send the boys the farthest distance between clues, so the entire hunt can last as long as possible! Now that you know the locations you are sending your kids, the last step is to write the clues. You can be as simple or creative as you like. You can make it festive by adding stickers or using Valentine cards to write the clues on.

A few fun places to send them include the mailbox, microwave, somewhere outside, shower or bath tub, closet, toy box, the sky is the limit. I like to get creative and have a few more challenging clues. You can use a line from a favorite book on their bookshelf and hide the clue in the book. I've hidden a clue inside a board game before, and they had to go get if off the shelf and open the box to find the next clue. I have as much fun creating the clues as the boys do figuring each one out and running to the next place.

Don't forget to write the clue number on each card so you don't forget the order. It makes it easy to hide. You will hand them clue #1 when it is time for the scavenger hunt to begin, so keep it out, and hide the rest of the clues. To ensure they don't see where you are hiding the clues, have them go to a room that you are not using during the hunt. Excitement will build as you are hiding the clues. 

At the last clue spot have a fun small treat or surprise waiting for each child, or a group treat. A few ideas would be a fun item from the dollar store or Target dollar spot, a small box of chocolates, book, favorite sweet treat, hair accessory, etc.

Another fun idea would be to create a family scavenger hunt and the last clue take you to your favorite ice cream shop for an ice cream treat.

Most years my boys want me to hide the clues all over again, even though they know where to go the second time around. They think it is so much fun, and watching the smiles and joy on their face is priceless! Each year they ask if we are going to do a scavenger hunt again, it has turned into a fun family tradition at our house. Enjoy making memories with your family this Valentine's Day!

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How do you like to celebrate Valentine's Day with your family?

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