Friday, September 2, 2016

Five Things Friday

Yay for determination! Our garbage disposal went out on Monday. When the garbage disposal is down, you can't use the sink. So, even a few hours of the sink being out of order was throwing a major wrench in my life (#annoying). So, Tuesday, Google and I fixed the garbage disposal. I even removed the garbage disposal (don't worry, I unplugged it before I began working on it, #safety first)! I was feeling quite proud of myself for getting it back up and running, and for saving an expensive service call.  So, direct any of your garbage disposal questions my way, as I'm clearly an expert now (I may have had to watch the youtube video a few times to make sure I was doing everything right)!

It's mum season. Last year, I drove to Johnson Farms to get a mum. I had seen them advertised on Facebook and they were huge and such a good price, $9.99 for one, or $26.99 for 3. I had seen mums at the area gardening shops and they were not as big and cost a lot more. I was very pleased with my decision. I enjoyed my mum well into November (they do have various bloom times, early, mid, and late fall bloomers). I just saw on Facebook that they opened September 1 for pre season mum sales! I will be heading over to get mine soon...don't delay they do run out of various colors!

Favorite weeknight dinner.  Martha Stewart's Baked Ziti. I love this meal. It's one that all my boys enjoy, and will eat. So, every few weeks I put it in the rotation. The only thing I do different than Martha, is I add ground beef to mine (we love meat over here)! It's so easy, if you are looking for a new pasta dish, add this one to your line up soon!

Memes. I have been cracking up at various memes this week. I have a friend, Libby, who loves them as much as I do, and we have been sending funny ones to each other all week.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Long weekend love. Who else is as excited as me for a long three day weekend? They don't come around very often, so when they do, I am so excited! More family time, fun, and relaxation. One less day of packing lunches, getting boys around, and drop off line...I'll take it! Enjoy your long weekend!

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