Friday, September 30, 2016

Louisburg Cider Mill

Fall is definitely my favorite season, I love everything about it. But no one loves fall more than my friend, Libby. We decided to get out and enjoy the PERFECT weather on Thursday and head to Louisburg Cider Mill in Louisburg, KS. We loaded up four toddlers 3 and under, turned on a Mickey Mouse DVD to keep the littles entertained, and enjoyed a 47 minute drive to chat and catch up, what could be better?

If fall and the beautiful weather is not enough to get you outdoors here are five reasons you need to pack up and head to Louisburg Cider Mill this fall!

one. The Cider Mill...Our first stop was to tour the Cider Mill. I was amazed at how much the little guys enjoyed watching the apples be cleaned, pressed, etc. They even asked to go back and see it again before we left. I had to include this picture. Big brother Jack helping little brother Judson to see the apples. This moment melted my heart. 

two. Fun Activities for the Kids. We headed out to the Kids Area and Pumpkin Patch next. There were several fun things to do for the little guys. The jump pillow was met with slight trepidation at first, but a few minutes later, this was happening!

Who doesn't love a huge, giant sandbox?

Squinty eyes for the "How Tall This Fall?" picture. Full sun the day we were there!

The much anticipated Hay Ride, was short and sweet! 

Playing in the corn...I'm still finding loose corn kernels in my living room (somehow some left over remnants made their way home with us). There was also a giant 10-acre corn maze. We didn't brave the maze with the little ones, for fear that we might be in there a very long time!

three. Friendly Farm Animals. If your kids enjoy animals, they will love these guys.

Judson with his new buddies the three little piggies (Pumpkin, Apple, and Boo). These guys were one of my favorite stops. They were so friendly and came running to the fence to greet us. I've never seen friendly pigs before, we had to stop back here a few times to hang out with these guys. Jack enjoyed the two bunnies, Donald and Hillary, except he didn't like that they didn't come out of their home to see him, he said, "Hello, is anyone in there?"

four. The Apple Cider Donuts and Apple Cider Slush. Just thinking about them makes me want to jump in the car and drive the 47 minutes (from Lee's Summit) back to get a mid afternoon snack. The slush is so refreshing and the donuts are WARM! There is nothing better. Go get you some, and bring me one back ;-).

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere.

five. Fun Fall Photo Spots. There are so many fun spots to spot and snap a fall picture. My personal favorite is the old pickup truck. Jack loudly proclaimed, "Someone died in here!" We got a good laugh out of this. Clearly, the younger generation does not know a vintage classic when they see one (but to be fair to him it did look like certain wild creatures had been inside tearing things up a bit)!

Get out and enjoy these beautiful fall days before they are gone.  I'm so glad that we went early in the season. We did not have to fight any crowds, and it really cleared out after lunch (we felt like we had the place to ourselves). It made it so easy to visit all the favorite spots several times before we headed home. We had a successful day! The kids did great. We only had one injury (Judson face planted on the concrete shortly after we arrived and got a fat lip and skinned up face. It looks painful, poor little sweetie). The sign of any successful outing...all four sweet littles were asleep not long after pulling out of the Cider Mill! A quiet ride home for the momma's!

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