Friday, August 16, 2019

Five Things Friday-August 16

We made it to Friday! It always feels like a huge accomplishment to get to Friday on the first week of school. To all the momma's needing a high five or fist bump at the end of a short, but long week, I'm here for you! I can't wait to soak up and savor the time off this weekend. Here's to hoping it doesn't go too fast! Let's jump into five things from me this Friday.

First week of school. New school. New teachers. New schedule. New, new, new! The clean slate of a new school year is nice, but all the newness can leave even a mom who likes change feeling overwhelmed. Max is at a new school this year, and it's exciting but I've also been thinking about him a lot during the day. Will he find his class in a timely manner, get his locker opened, find someone to talk to at lunch, and adjust to the workload of eight classes? All the things that a mom worries about when their kid goes to a new school, and out of elementary school for the first time. That's been where I'm at this week, and it can be draining. I just have to keep reminding myself that God is in control and to give all my worries and fears to Him.  Max will figure it all out, just like I did when I was his age. I'm thankful for a few days off before Monday! 
The boys have had a great week and are enjoying their new teachers and classmates. When we walked into Jack's classroom on meet the teacher night, his desk was right beside his good buddy, Nolan's desk. I'm not sure how long that will last, but this momma was so thankful that on the first day of school he would have someone he knows so well sitting beside him!

If you read my post from Monday you will remember that in tip #4, I talked about the key to keep first day of school nerves at bay was to stay busy. Well, this year I stayed busy cleaning/organizing my laundry room and now I have a laundry room refresh planned. This project makes me laugh because I didn't even sit down to plan what project I wanted to keep me busy that first day of school. Just like "nesting" kicks in before you have a baby, this same subconscience urge to jump into a project happened in my laundry room. After the boys were at school and I was busy working, I thought to myself, "Okay, laundry room it is!" Phase one of cleaning and organizing is complete. With a family of seven this room gets used a lot. Since I spend so much time in here, I want it to be an inviting space. So, stay tuned to see what i come up with! I've got a few ideas rolling around.

Ruth Chou Simons. I'm excited to announce that Ruth Chou Simons will be speaking at our women's event at Fellowship Church this November 9th. Ruth is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and speaker. She shares her journey of God's grace intersecting daily life with word and paintbrush through an online shoppe at and her Instagram community. I have been following her  on Instagram for sometime. When I discovered she has six boys, I knew we would be kindred spirits, and have so much in common. With eleven boys between us, I'm sure we could swap some good stories! Through her Instagram posts she shares from her heart and always has just the right thing that encourages me in such a timely manner. I can't wait to hear her speak. I hope you will join me this November for, "An Evening with Ruth Chou Simons!"

Strawberry Shortcake. Food brings people together. I've had the strong urge to cook meals and desserts for my family in the last few days since school has been back in session, and I attribute it to the fact that food brings people together, and innately I wanted my family to feel happy to be at home after a long day away. One of our family favorites is strawberry shortcake, and my favorite recipe can be found on the Bisquick box. It's such a fun summer dessert, and it was nice to have a special treat after the second day of school (and Max's first full day).

With the big boys back at school, there's not as much action around our house, and as many people to play with. When you've had three months of fun and excitement chasing your heroes around, and now it is quiet, it called for us to find a little excitement. We headed up to check out the action at our church. We are building a children's wing and they were pouring concrete out front today. Then we popped inside to check out the new classrooms and theater. I cannot wait for these little guys and many others to learn about Jesus in the new building very soon.

Happy Friend Friends! I'm praying you enjoy friends, family, and find a slower pace these next couple days! What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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