Monday, August 12, 2019

Tips For Easing First Day of School Nerves: Mom Edition

First day drop off can be extremely hard on a mom, no matter how many years you have under your belt. Try a few of these tips to ease the back-to-school nerves on the first day.

1. My kids elementary school allows parents to come in the building and walk their kids to their classroom on the first day. This helps both kids and parents ease those first day fears. It's comforting to see your kid in their seat and enjoying whatever activity your child's teachers has them doing as you leave the room. If you child's school does allow you to walk your child in on the first day, I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity. It has become a fun tradition in our family.

2. Meet up with friends at a coffee shop or park. I did this a few years ago and it was a great way for all of us to get our minds off of our kids and their first day at school. Our younger kids all played on the playground while we chatted and before we knew it, it was time for lunch. If you are heading to work after first day of school drop off, call a friend who is in the same boat as you as you drive to work. It's a nice way to take your mind off things.

3. Stop for a special coffee drink or breakfast treat to reward yourself for making it through the first day. The year my second son started kindergarten, my husband drove me straight to the coffee shop and got me my favorite coffee drink. He was heading off to work and knew it was just the thing to help brighten my spirits after leaving Cooper at school for the first time. Having a little pick-me-up to look forward to can help ease the back to school nerves.

4. Stay busy. If you are headed to work after first day send off, it will be a great distraction. If you are heading home, find a project to keep you busy. Organize the problem drawer, or run some errands that you have been putting off. I've found, over the years, the more I stay busy that first day, the better things go for me! One year I organized the junk drawer, read about it HERE!

5. Plan a special surprise for after school. Last year, I ran to a cupcake shop right after drop off and got cupcakes for the boys as a special after school, first day treat. They were so surprised and it was fun to hear about their first day as they enjoyed their "out of the ordinary" treat. They have already asked me several times if I'm going to get them cupcakes again this year. I guess it was a hit!

6. Pray. Praying for your child and their first day of school is probably the best thing you can do. You can download a free copy of a back-to-school prayer guide I put together HERE to give you some ideas of things to pray for your child, their teachers, and the staff and administration of your school district. There is no better way to help calm your anxieties and fears than to take your requests before the Lord.

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." Philippians 4:6

Before you know it, you will be picking up your kids, or they will be getting off the bus, and you can look forward to hearing all about their day! More often than not, they are all smiles! So, take a deep breath and remember as your kids head back to school this year, to give yourself grace. Back to school hits each of us differently. Some sail through the first days, while others have a hard time adjusting. Give yourself time to adjust to the new schedule. After the first several days we tend to get in a groove and get used to a new routine. Have a great first day back-to-school and be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram if you try any of these back-to-school distractors, I would love to see!

What is your favorite thing to do after first day of school drop off/send off?

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