Friday, August 23, 2019

Five Things Friday-August 23

Does this feel like the longest week in history to anyone else? Maybe it's just me because of number one below, or the first full week of school could also have something to do with it! Getting into a new routine is hard. Let's jump right in to Five Things Friday, friends.

Chris in Panama on a Mission Trip. I'm so thankful that he got to go. Our team partnered with the International Mission Board (imb) missionaries to learn techniques to reach unreached people groups. It was a great trip with many gospel conversations, and at least 10 coming to Christ! Having him gone at the beginning of school was a little intense. I was dealing with back-to-school things by myself, with his support from 3,500 miles away, but it was challenging at times. I'm so thankful to have him home and to hear all about the week.

This is how big avocados are supposed to be! Seriously, why are all the avocados here in the US so small?
Chesapeake Shores. I'm so excited for the return of Chesapeake Shores this Sunday, on the Hallmark Channel. The setting of this show is absolutely stunning, I would love to go vacation in this beautiful destination (which is on Vancouver Island's Qualicum Beach and neighboring town of Parksville, British Columbia). Chesapeake Shores is a multi-generational family drama following main character, Abby O'Brien as she adjusts to life back in her hometown of Chesapeake Shores. The O'Brien family consists of five siblings, so there are always multiple storylines going on in each episode. If you haven't checked this show out, set your DVR or tune in Sunday at 7:00 pm central time! You will be hooked in no time. 

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sprinkles. The little boys and I made a new cookie recipe while the big boys were at school this week. They love helping me in the kitchen and are very good at it! These cookies were a hit and the boys were so excited for an extra special after school treat. Check out the recipe here. Just a side note, if you like softer cookies bake these for a few minutes less than the recipe calls for. My kids and I are a huge fans of soft cookies so I always shorten every cookie recipe by a few minutes!

Johnson Farms Mums. Mum Season opens today at Johnson Farms! You know what that means, right? Fall is right around the corner. It doesn't feel like it yet to me, but I like that we are starting to see small signs that fall is on the way. I have been getting Johnson Farms Mums for four years now and they are the biggest, prettiest mums for the price around (3 gallon garden mums are $11.99 each or 3/$32.99). I can't wait to go pick out my mums for this year. If you are in the Kansas City area, you need to head to Johnson Farms and while you are there take your picture at their new Mum Selfie Station for a chance to win a dozen pumpkin donuts, #yesplease.

Dishwasher Revelations. I love Five Things Friday because I get to talk about five random things. I've been frustrated with my dishwasher lately. Several dishes come out dirty and I have to wash them again, and sometimes by hand. So, I did some research, or should I say Facebook happened to have a random article in my feed about "8 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Dishwasher." It was a little worrisome that Facebook seemed to know I was having this problem, but anyway, my interest was peaked. I learned in the article that dishwasher detergent powder is better than the pods for getting your dishes clean, and it's cheaper! I picked some up at the store on my next trip, and I've seen a significant improvement in my dishwashers cleaning ability. If you too have been having this issue, try the more cost effective solution of dishwashing powder. Just solving all of life's problems over here!

In case you missed it this week:

Happy Friday! We have a fun weekend ahead with a wedding of two friends Chris and I thought would make a great couple, even before we knew they were dating, so do we get credit for this union? Other than that, rest and enjoy my family is what is on the docket. What are you excited for this weekend?

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  1. That's amazing he got to go on a missions trip. I've always wanted to go. Cookies are my weakness and those look so delicious! I can't wait to decorate our front porch with mums! Fall is such a great time. Sierra Beautifully Candid