Friday, August 26, 2016

Five Things Friday

It's Friday, my favorite day of the week! We have a busy weekend ahead, but who can complain when you get to run from place to place with family? Here's five things from this week.

one. Scooters. My favorite place to get coffee is Scooter's. Unfortunately, since we moved to the MO side, I don't get one very often, it's just far enough away that you have to make a special trip if you want one (that's probably a good thing)! So, last Friday, I was out with my hubby and two littlest boys and we drove to Scooter's after making a few hospital visits together. It was my first Scooter's since moving to MO two years ago.  Scooter's I've missed you and yes, you are still the best! My favorite drink, the white mocha blender! It's so smooth, and the best I have found anywhere! So, I'm hoping that the owner will see my hubby's tweet and open a location near me, pretty please? #ScootersIsTheBest #WeNeedScootersInLee'sSummit

two. My sweet Jack. This guy is pure sugar most of the time. So sweet! He tells me at least five times a day, "Mommy, you're gorgeous." How's that for a self esteem boost? It makes me smile each and every time he tells me. I love that boy. Every now and then he will say that to me when he's in trouble, I think he knows it will smooth things over. He's a smart one. Plus look at that cute face, it's hard to stay upset at this guy very long. Most of the time, he says it out of the blue, I'm one lucky Momma for sure!

three. Summit Waves. My boys school had a Back to School Bash at Summit Waves; a really fun water parks, with two huge covered slides, lazy river, large diving area, pool, and kid zone. The boys had not been there yet, and were excited to go. The cooler temperatures that day did not keep the kids out of the water. They had a blast. It was neat to watch them interact with classmates and have a good time. I ended up just taking Max and Cooper, and it was fun to spend time with just the older boys, and watch them do all their tricks. It was nice to get to talk to their teachers, and get to know them better too. The PTA and staff at the school do a great job in planning activities that the kids and their families will enjoy.

four. Chesapeake Shores. Has anyone else caught an episode of this new show yet? I've watched the pilot and episode 1 and I'm really liking it. I think it could be my new show.
It airs on Sundays at 8:00 pm Central time on the Hallmark Channel, check it out.

five. Weather. Someone in my neighborhood snapped this picture of the severe weather unfolding Wednesday night. I was in the basement with the fam, so I had no idea that this was what it looked like outside. Yikes! Our TV and internet service went down, so I could not get any updates, but heard the tornado sirens go off, so we headed to the basement. I'm so glad that nothing transpired, and that heavy rain and strong winds were the extent of the storm. We had a sweet moment in the basement where 3 of the 4 boys were on Chris' lap (they were scared and felt safe in their Daddy's arms), Cooper was very nervous about the weather and Chris led us in prayer. It calmed him down, I hope my sweet boys will always turn to God when they feel scared.

Happy Weekend!

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