Saturday, August 27, 2016

Reversible Fall/Christmas Porch Decor

It's time for some fall and winter crafting! I'm on the Women's Ministry Team at my church and we are having a fall craft night coming up on September 19. Becca, a fellow Pastor's wife, and part of the Women's Ministry Team, came up with our fall craft. A reversible Fall/Christmas porch wood display. I thought it was brilliant, two crafts in one night on the same board! Easy storage, and as soon as fall is in the books you simply turn your board around, and change the fun embellishment, and voila you have your Christmas porch display ready to go. 

We got together the other day to each make one to display at our sign up table (and to make sure we thought through the process and had a list of everything we would need and approximate time to complete the boards, etc). We were two brave momma's and did this "crafter-morning" with three kids 3 and under, under foot ;-). So, it probably took us longer to finish as we had to get lunch for the littles, get them bubbles, take them to the bathroom, handle tantrums, etc (all those mommy duties).

When I arrived Becca had already painted one coat of white paint on our first side.

I decided to spell NOEL on my first side, and Becca did JOY. We traced the letters and started painting. What's so fun is you can personalize your board and do whatever you want on either side. You could do Welcome and have it out year round, there are so many options.

The paint dried pretty fast, I did a fast 3 coats on my letters. We used a hair dryer to complete the drying process so we could flip the board and paint the back orange for the fall side (1 coat of paint was all that was needed).  We then took a break for lunch, to give the orange side time to dry.

After lunch, we traced the letters FALL and got to work painting them white. I cut out the word happy out of vinyl, later at home on my Silhouette Portrait machine. Becca hand painted happy and y'all on her board (good job hand lettering Becca, I didn't trust myself)!

Now, bring on Fall! I can picture some pretty mums setting by these fun "Happy Fall" and "Happy Fall Y'all" signs.

The finished Noel and Joy sides. I added a Burlap bow, pine pick, and holly berries. I also want to add some brown jingle bells too.

All in all it took us a little over 3 hours. We still need to spray our boards with a protectant, to help them stand up to the elements. You should have seen our kids by the time we were done! They were wet, sticky, and a hot mess. It was a warm day, and we crafted outside. There was plenty of fun to keep them busy...bubbles, chalk paint to paint with on the driveway, but their patience had run out (and it was nap time). They were troopers, and this is proof that it is possible to finish a project with kids present! So that's a wrap. A double the fun craft, that will knock out two porch decorations in one! It can't get much better than that!

**If you are in the Lee's Summit/Greenwood area and would like to join us to make this craft on September 19th at the Fellowship Greenwood Event Center at 6:30pm, please leave a comment on this post or email me at, or call the church office to reserve your seat at 816-984-8300. The deadline to sign up is Wednesday, September 14th. The cost of the craft is $20 and includes all materials to make a double side porch display, and all the yummy snacks you can imagine. Becca shared the menu with me the other day and my mouth was watering!

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